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H-S-H Vlahopol Custom Pickups

 Custom Vlahopol Pickups can be linked in various positions due to our cool double layer or even quad layer Ultra Swith.
In this setup we have a Double layer mega switch with cool splits on the 2nd and 4th position ...

You will have more power for drive / distorsion sounds on positions 1 & 5 and you will have more clean capabilietie on the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th positions - these will sound awsome on clean sounds, fat cleans (easy drive), or even drives, - not recomended dor distorsion sounds, though, since you have a single coil in the middle.

Optionally you can have the middle coil out of PHASE for drastic cool tone changes when used with FAT CLEANS and DRIVES.
In case you lost it we will have you wiring dine for you - just get in touch.




Category: Wiring Diagrams

H-H Pickups


H-H VLAHOPOL Pickups Weston

Image Module 1

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Image Module 2

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Image Module 3

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