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Vlahopol Guitars is developed by Star Media Production's young and dynamic team. The idea of Vlahopol Guitars existed and has been developed since 1985 however it's been a long road until legally copyrighted.

If you want to become a dealer for Vlahopol Guitars to distribute & sell, you are welcome to do so under the terms we specify in the License herein. If you are unfamiliar with such licenses and formalities, you might want to read it first.


Because we care for both the guitars that we make and the business itself we managed to put together system to protect and help our dealers in order to develop their business and grow together as a team.


Once you become a dealer you will always be one!

We do not push you or press you to sell or buy guitars every year, every month, and we have no target for you, also you are not forced to make a stock with our guitars or accessories unless you wish to.

Our unique system will help you take your business to a higher level in a very short period of time and provide you with a constant income IF you are a dynamic persona and you know many guitar players This guidance document is intended to help applicants interpret the terminology used in Regulations and to complete a product license application.


Wanna become a dealer?

Send us a letter (email) of intention and we will get back to you!


guitars [at] vlahopol [dot]  com

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