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We want to offer you more than two or three models of pickguards. Here is what we have in mind for you.

 Pickguards pearloid

White pearloid

Cream pearloid

Ivory pearloid

Red Pearloid

We want to offer you so many options so that it will be hard for you to make up your mind. ;o)
We are jocking of course...

We want you to choose whatever you like or love most that is why we are doing our best to give more options.

We can help you choose from:



- Sparkle Pearloid Pickguards

- Tortoise Pickguards

- Hairline Aluminium Pickguards

- Cellulose Pearloid Pickguards


 - Tortoise Pickguards


- Mirror Pickguards

- Silver

- Smoke Black

- Trance Silver

- Smoke Violet

 Wood Pickguard 1

Wood Pickguard 2

 - Exotic Wood Pickguards


1P = 1 ply ( one color)

2P = 2 ply (2 colors Black + one other color)

3P = 3 ply ( 3 colors Black + white + one other color)


*Ask for a price. Pricing will be made depending on complexity!



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Image Module 1

pictures here soon

Image Module 2

pictures here soon 2

Image Module 3

pictures here soon 3