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Schaller Tremolo Locking Nuts - Left or Right


Matching locking nuts for Schaller tremolos or any other model.


The strings sit just as firmly, but there are no sharp edges that could potentially cause string breakage.

Suitable for all common string gauges.


! Using Locking nuts with bolts will give a long life neck. From experience we know that using screws on the locking nuts system, will destroy the neck in few years, therefore we never use locking nuts with screws. This kind of locking nut system will keep your instrument in tune. More you can change the locking nut as many times as you want without destroing the neck.





It looks like no one is really thinking good enough or most manufacturers are NOT guitar players or have now idea about physics - or don't wanna hear about this issue.

What am I talking about? IF you want to know go and check out this article on USEFUL Articles - Locking Nuts Why.


Essentially, special studs are used to attach the tremolo, together with their own inserts. These have a fine thread. For special applications, we also supply studs with threads which can be screwed directly into the wooden body (i.e. without inserts).


Schaller is offering a wide variety of Lcocking Nuts so please make sure you measure your original Locking nut before ordering. It will not be impossble but rather hard to change just a locking nut IF you don't choose the right one to start with.


Schaller came with a system and gave code names to Locking Nuts so you can tell them apart much easier. Here is how it works:


Locking Nut R1   - 39.8 mm

Locking Nut R2   - 41.3 mm

Locking Nut R3   - 42.8 mm

Locking Nut R4   - 42.7 mm

Locking Nut R5   - 45.0 mm

Locking Nut R6   - 40.1 mm

Locking Nut R7   - 41.1 mm

Locking Nut R8   - 43.0 mm

Locking Nut R9   - 43.2 mm

Locking Nut R10 - 42.9 mm





All Locking Nuts can be matched to your tremolo Unit. We can offer you the followong finishes:


Nickel / Chrome / Satin Chrome / Black Chrome / Gold / Ruthenium / Satin Pearl / Vintage Cooper


Because of to many models we will tell you the price for each request since they are too many models and so manu finishes.


However prices will vary between € 26.90 and € 33.50




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