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First known Guitars - Trivia history lesson

The origin of guitars may have dated back to 1900-1800 B.C. in Babylonia. Archaeologists found a clay plaque showing nude figures holding musical instruments, some of which resembled the guitar.


Vlahopol Guitars? - Well, we started in 1985 under very peculiar conditions.

In 1984 - 1985 Mike Vlahopol got a 7 string acoustic Russian guitar instead of a drum set - at that time they were ridiculously expansive. 

After some time he was encouraged by some of the best musicians of the time to start a band. Seeing all the guitars that all the bigger bands had, he's got an idea.. to build a guitar instead of buying one.

Studying industrial design he thought to do something "crazy".He went on and started to measure the guitars from all the big players he knew and decided to start to innovate as much as possible. He soon realized it was impossible to get all the materials to make a guitar from top to bottom so I had to settle for a little less.


I started to buy regular electric guitars from the local market, take them apart piece by piece and rebuild the most important parts like modifying the neck by making it thinner, build a new body from scratch and make his own pickups and so on.

With a brand new body and much better neck I realized I need better pickups. So I started to make pickups manually. Making so many models by hand I soon went crazy.

Imagine making 8 - 9.000 turns on a pickup coil by hand having in mind that the wire was as thin as hair.  With no technology and no tools he soon discovered how hard it was to make electric guitars and he only settled to help closer friends to get a decent instruments.

23-august 1986 03 

This is the first hand made guitar with the back body of an Explorer and the top body of an SG. - August 1986!


After many years of trying different shapes and styles for bodies he became aware of many technical aspects and his guitars started to improve over the years, refurnishing electric guitars mostly. As time went on he also played in bigger and bigger bands, most of the times he played with handmade guitars that he built for himself and only in 1996 I actually got an original guitar as a gift - My limited edition "Red Head"!...


Vlahopol Custom Guitar - 1993 Vlahopol Custom Guitar - 1994

Vlahopol Custom build from 1993 - 1994


Vlahopol Custom Build - 1996

 Greetings & welcome to Vlahopol Guitars!



We are pleased to tell you that we are developing a totally new concept both, on guitars and the way they are purchased.



We know that all guitar players big or small, great or modest, professional or hobbyists wish to have the perfect guitar and that most of the time such thing does not come to easy...


If you are a guitar player with at least some experience you know that a good guitar is an expansive guitar and that we all want or at least wish for a good instrument.


Well, we have some good news for you.


1. Vlahopol Guitars has developed a new guitar model with few interesting features.

We have been working for the last few years to come up with some new cool inovations to help guitar players in thieir quest for speed and better vibrato posibilities that is why we are going to make your custom electric guitar.


2. Specially designed to your needs by a guitar player.

Vlahopol Guitars have a new design developed and are inspired from 2 big international brands. Some of the qualites are based on good body balance when you play guitar on stage for 2 or more hours.


3. Offer you the posibility to  create your own sound.

Vlahopol Guitars will offer you the chance to dicover and choose your own custom pickups and sound. We are working closely with a great winding factory with great experience in pickup manufacturing.


4. Choose your own wood esence if you don't want to use standard wood.

We have the posibility to go crazy and think big and wild.  Through our partners all over the world (Europe, USA & Australia), we can offer an impressive numer of different types of the best TONE WOOD there is.


5. Choose your own hardware to match your music style.

Well, a custom guitar is the guitar that meets your techical specifications, therefore we can offer you the chance to choose your own hardware. Recently we discovered through our partners that a new revolution in guitar hardware is about to begin with new models for different budgets.


6. Offer you a very afordable instrument.

We always compare our guitars with the most expansive guitars there is - of course we do that OFF the RECORD - becaue we believe in fair competition  but we are striving and fighting to have the best guitars money can buy. 


7. On top of everything we offer you the chance to get your money back 100% and more.

How is this possible?

Well it's so easy. Get in touch with us, start the process of getting a guitar and every thing will be explained to you. You will se how easy it will be ot start to make money and play one of the best guitars there is.


ALL this so, you can get your custom electric guitar with us

Enjoy your stay on the site,


Vlahopol Guitars Team






When we developed the idea of Vlahopol Guitars we had in mind to have a modern guitar with a versatile sound both old and new all in one.  




This was our second prototype drawing - the first one looked a little different.


Goals we wanted to achieve with this amazing guitar:


- Modern design - which will mature in time as we already have soma major changed on the body shape.


- Perfect balance - since we all know there are some expansive guitars that are not well balanced. The neck will not stay where you put it. We put it to the test and made more than one body in different shapes, thicknesses and dimensions. But we wanted a special shape at the same time so this is what came out. On the second series or lot we will have some cool changes to be done on the body.


Vlahopol Guitars 3D (1)


We wanted to develop few concepts and here we will mention a few - Body to Body


We wanted the body of the guitar to stick to your physical body, in other words to stick to you, therefore we made a different slope on the back of the guitar after many attempts so regardless in what position you will put the guitar it will stick to you... and ON YOU.


Vlahopol Guitars 3D (2)


Originally called Sharky Guitars because of Mike Vlahopol nick's name as a teenager we wanted to come up with our own version of a Sharky Mouth Grip - just like we kept the Sharky concept on the pickups and on the necks.


Sharky bite Sharky bite 2


sharky grip 3


The very first Sharky Bite Grip original drawing.


 Because the first grip was a little bigger than we expected we came up we the idea of squashing the picture and redo the drawing as it is now. 


With a very realistic 3D shark teeth mouth we called it Sharky Bite Grip since you will put your hand into the Shark's mouth. ;o)


Vlahopol Guitars 3D (3) 


 With two possible routings front and back we will let you choose what suites you most a Vlahopol Guitar with a pickguard or with pickup rings.


 Vlahopol Guitars 3D (4)


Vlahopol Guitars have one of the deepest neck pocket we know of - there might be others that we don't know yet but we assure you there are very few guitars with such feature.


Vlahopol Guitars 3D (5) 


We developed 3D models for each single model for different tremolos, different routings to make sure we will have each time the same outcome especially for the routings which are vitally important for the future guitar.


Vlahopol Guitars 3D (6)


The second important slope with a slick pattern is on the back of the neck pocket. We believe it will help your hand reach much easier and much faster up to fret 24 even if the neck is wider and its pocket deeper.


Teaser 3


Body shape or Booty shape?   ;o)))


We wanted to get a very well balanced body shape... and one night (actually morning, very early in the morning), I was repeating in my head: "guitar body, body, sexy body"... a guitar is sexy like a woman it has personality, each guitar has its own sound, it's like a person / woman, it can raise you or send you in the dumps... butt the guitar will never leave you.


So, i was thinking to have a very sexy line for the body shape. We are still working on the horns butt... quite few people asked me where this shape came from? Some said it looks like this or it looks like that. True... most if not guitars have one body and two "horns" (no the guitar is not evil), just like all cars have in most cases 4 doors, 4 wheels, 3 pedals a steering wheel and a hand break... and many other features that look alike. Butt... back to Vlahopol Guitars...


The bottom of the guitar was inspired by a set of pictures (maybe 200 of them) which I got as free pictures from the internet and i sorted out and kept only 10 - 15 hot pictures and we started to mess with them to render the bottom of the guitar to the bottom of good looking girls, because I wanted a sexy guitar. What other best way would one think of???...


All our models will be inspired by sexy women... ;o)




Custom vs. Customized


It is true that some people make some confusion between the two terms.

 CUSTOM - IS when one goes to a workshop of any kind and orders something (a car, shoes or a guitar), to fit and represent his wishes and technical specifications in full 100% starting with shape thickness, hardware, electronics, etc...


CUSTOMIZE - IS when one goes to a shop or workshop sees a guitar that he likes a lot but he would like to change the instrument to fit his needs, wishes and specification such as; string tension, hardware, finish of the instrument, or other things that can be altered or changed to represent the character of the player.


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